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Sambla and Advisa's promising merge shows for a bright future

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Sambla and Advisa's promising merge shows for a bright future

30 September 2021.

Sambla and Advisa combine to create a leader in online comparison services for loans with Nordic Capital as the new majority owner.

Sambla and Advisa announced their merger in February earlier this year. This makes them one of the largest loan brokers in the Nordic region, and second on the Swedish market. This is not the first time Nordic Capital is involved in an acquisition of this type as they in the beginning of this year had seven portfolio companies in the industry. Their acquisition, and support, is hence a useful experience throughout this merger and beyond.

As an owner, Nordic Capital supports the portfolio companies' development through extensive sector knowledge, capital for investments, operational experience with a focus on continued product development as well as support towards further professionalisation of the organisation.

Both Sambla and Advisa have a very high level of customer satisfaction due to a modern user interface, strong and shared corporate values, and by bringing clear benefits to their clients. While Advisa offers a completely digital customer journey, Sambla uses a combination of digital processes and advisory over the phone. There is significant growth potential as the two companies support and complement each other very well. In addition to creating a strong platform for growth, the combined company will also drive positive development throughout the industry. Both companies help clients to compare loan terms, and thereby provide a sustainable loan cycle while reducing costs. A combination creates new great opportunities for increased product development, an even higher service level and access to additional competitive offers that will benefit a broader audience.

To read more about this, please see the linked press release from February 2021.


Johan Nyman

Johan Nyman

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The leading comparison service for loans and mortgages in the Nordics.

Swedish founded fintech company Sambla Group is one of the leading comparison services for private loans and mortgages in the Nordics. The group constitutes of well known brands such as Sambla, Advisa and Rahalaitos. By offering up to 40 lenders, customers can compare terms, collect their loans and thereby lower their loan associated costs.

With additional services such as insurance, Sambla Group can, through their portfolio brands offer complete solutions to improve the customer's private finances.

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